Polka dots


polka dot blouse (old)–Zara necklace (similar here)–Old Navy cardigan (similar here)–Loren Hope Alex cuff (also love this one)–Loren Hope Carson braceletDaniel Wellington watch (c/o)–pants (old)–Sole Society heels (similar here)

Photos by Rohini V

How cute is this yellow polka dot blouse? I haven’t worn it often because it reminds me of an Easter egg for some reason. I think the navy pants helped to tone that feeling down a bit for me.

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Patterned pants


Gap pink sweater (similar here)–Tagua necklace (c/o Uncommon Goods)–pants (old)–Loren Hope Alex cuff (similar here)–Daniel Wellington watch (c/o)–Cambridge Satchel push lock bag (c/o Shopbop)–Sole Society heels (also love these ones)

Photos by Rohini V

I featured Uncommon Goods in a recent post, here, and I have one more necklace to show you! This necklace is so bright and fun that I couldn’t resist. The first necklaces that I ordered (and featured in the previous post) were very delicate, simple pieces. This one is more like my classic statement necklaces.

BIG NEWS! We adopted a cat this weekend! Her name is Lucy and she’s a 2 year old tortoiseshell. I haven’t been able to take a decent photo of her yet, but I’ll be sure to post one when I do. She is a really cutie pie and we love her already!

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Plaid pants & coral top


Zara necklace (similar here)–coral sweater (similar here)–Fossil bag (similar here)––Loren Hope Carly bracelet–Michael Kors watch (similar here)–plaid pants (also love these ones)–Aldo heels

Photos by Rohini V

We had a brief stint of winter weather here again! I was forced to revert back to my winter wardrobe for the day. Couldn’t resist a bright pop of coral though!

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Gingham blazer & green pants


gingham blazer (also love this one)–Zara necklace (similar here)–Old Navy tee–JORD watch (c/o)-–Loren Hope Sarra cuff–-Loren Hope Alex cuff (sold out)-–Loren Hope Clara bracelet–J Crew pants (old)–Fossil bag (similar here)–Aldo shoes (similar here)

Photos by Rohini V

I love, love, love this gingham blazer paired with the forest green pants. Something about this colour combo just works for me! Even though I love pastels (I mean, LOVE), they often make me look a little bit washed out. I wear them anyway because of my undying affection for them, but deep, saturated colours are really where it’s at for me.

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Plaid shirt & mint pants


Old Navy plaid shirt (also love this one)–necklace (similar here)–JORD watch (c/o)-–Loren Hope Sarra cuff–Loren Hope Alex cuff (sold out)–Loren Hope Clara bracelet–Gap pants (also love these ones)–Aldo shoes (similar here)–Coach bag (also love this one)

Photos by Rohini V

When I first put on this outfit, I felt like I might have been pushing the Christmas envelope a bit. Red and green? Together? In April? Alas, I pushed onward and wore these two pieces at once, seasonally appropriate or not.

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Mint cardigan & purple pants


mint cardigan (similar here)–mint necklace (also love this one)–Loren Hope Alex cuff (sold out)–Loren Hope Clara braceletJORD watch (c/o)–Fossil bag (similar here)–Sole Society heels (also love these ones)

Photos by Rohini V

I have to say: when I was browsing the Sole Society website today to find a pair of heels similar to the ones I’m wearing, I found these. Check them out in coral plaid and gingham. DROOL!  How perfect would both be for fall? AND they’re the right height to wear all day.

Just a quick, shameless plug for a company that I’m not working with at all. They just get me every time with their cute heels!

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Navy blazer & blush pants



navy blazer (similar here)–necklace (also love this one)–American Eagle tee (simlilar here)–Loren Hope Alex cuff (similar here)–Loren Hope Clara bracelet (similar here)–JORD watch (c/0)–Coach bag (similar here)–Gap khakis (similar here)–Aldo shoes (similar here)

Photos by Rohini V

I have some bad news, guys. This past weekend, I attempted to hem that dress (the one that I wore here). I’m not sure exactly what went wrong, but something sure did! It’s currently sitting in my closet an uneven, slightly too short mess. But, don’t despair. I’m going to take out the stitches and try again this weekend. It shouldn’t take me too long, especially considering the fact that I used GIANT stitches….(apparently a terrible, terrible decision when working with super thick fabric, but also the fastest way to get it done. I’m not the most patient person in the world…)

Furthermore, it’s currently the snow-apocalypse right now. Just when we were starting to hope for spring, this storm rolled in and shattered everyone’s dreams in a dramatic fashion. I’ve been bundled up pretty tightly all day!

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