A belted shirt


Gap shirt (similar here)–coral belt–Loren Hope Sarra cuffDaniel Wellington watch (c/o)–Fossil bag (old, similar here)–grey skirt (similar here)–Aldo heels (also love these ones)

Photos by Rohini V

I spent the majority of today trying desperately to keep my face from freezing into an icicle. We’ve got this crazy cold snap coming through right now, and it’s supposed to last until Sunday. I’m honestly terrified to go outside because there’s a 95% chance that I’ll turn into a popsicle. I decided to combat these freezing temperatures by wearing an outfit to work that is far more suited to spring weather. Usually when I try to belt a shirt, I end up looking like a poofy ball. Something about the thicker fabric of this top just make it work! I added the wine coloured heels for a pop of colour

Anyway, I have a confession to make: I’m a terrible cook. Just horrific. The last time I tried to make a soup it ended up an appealing shade of brownish green and looked like sludge. Mind you, I decided to MAKE UP MY OWN RECIPE, which was completely ridiculous seeing as I have no idea how to cook…anything. Today my boyfriend is trying to teach me how to make a *foolproof* chile that literally involves just dumping a bunch of chopped things into one pot and boiling it. Fingers crossed I can handle it, but I’m not holding my breath!

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110 thoughts on “A belted shirt

  1. Hahahaa, I am not a great cook either but I can usually handle soups, salads and pasta. How did the soup turn out?

    I love this belted look. Gotta try it. Cute button-down and belt.


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